2024 Lofoten Winter Aurora Photography Workshop

With Matt Suess and Dr. Kah-Wai Lin
February 9 - 16, 2024

Lofoten, Norway

Come join us for an epic photo workshop experience photographing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and more in Lofoten, Norway in 2024

February 9 - 16, 2024
Lofoten, Norway

"I really cannot wait for this... figuring out how to make this particular trip happen has been on my mind since I first decided I wanted to get into landscape photography. And I know after working with you this year, I will truly be ready for it!"

Winnie A.

2022 Photo Mentorship Client with Matt Suess and 2023 Lofoten Aurora Workshop Client


The Basics:


8 Days, 7 Nights:
Friday, February 9 - Friday, February 16, 2024


The Arctic Circle in Lofoten, Norway

Group Details

Maximum 12 clients. Photography skill level from beginner to professional.

Physical Activity

Easy to Moderate. Most locations are just a few steps away from where we park but there could be some snow, ice, and ocean water & tidal flats.

Tuition Fees

Pay $1,250 today to secure your space, and the remaining $3,747 is due by October 9, 2023. Lodging & transportation during workshop is included.

Your Instructor & Guides

Matt Suess: Instructor & Guide
Kah-Wai Lin: Guide & Instructor

  • ​Northern lights that dance and flare across the sky...
  • ​Deep Norwegian fjords guarded by towering snow-dusted granite peaks...
  • ​Wide Arctic beaches and tide pools bathed in crystal-clear water and the pastel light of the Winter Sun...
  • ​Picturesque fishing villages lined with colorful wooden houses...
  • Epic photographic potential around every corner...

...Are you dreaming yet of the possibilities?

Now is the time to put those dreams into reality and experience one of your top bucket list photo destinations!

No winter tour to Lofoten would be complete without bringing home beautiful images and experiencing the greatest magic show on Earth - and that is what this photography workshop is all about!

Join us in chasing the Northern Lights and photographing them in the most unique and picturesque locations imaginable in Lofoten, Norway.


The Aurora Borealis is visible in Lofoten (weather permitting) from September to April.

And as the northernmost location on earth with a year-round average temperature above freezing, this is one of the most temperate places to experience the Arctic Night Sky!


While the Northern Lights are are main priority, our secondary focus is photographing snowy winter landscapes glowing in the Arctic sun, the breathtakingly beautiful and world-renowned mountains, colorful fjords and pristine beaches, as well as the idyllic and authentic red Lofoten cabins.

Photographic opportunities are around every single corner in this paradise of the north!


As you look through these amazing photos from our guide Kah-Wai Lin, imagine yourself there experiencing this beauty and creating photographs you only dreamed you could take.

And after you wake up from that dream, consider clicking on that Registration button and joining us there for an experience of a lifetime!

"I was pleased to join Kah-Wai Lin’s Lofoten Aurora Photography Workshop in March 2017.

It was an amazing trip. We were so lucky to have 5 nights dancing with fantastic aurora show. Some nights we even worked from 7:30pm to 3:00am tracing different aurora.

Kah-Wai looked after us very well, gave us useful information both on shooting and post processing. He was flexible and tried his best to satisfy everyone’s requirement.

This is one of the best photography workshops."

Michael Chen

2017 Lofoten Aurora Photo Workshop Client with Kah-Wai Lin


Introducing Our On-Location Guide/Instructor
Kah-Wai Lin


In addition to having me as your photography educator during this workshop, we are fortunate to have on-location guide Kah-Wai Lin joining us, who also happens to be an amazing photographer & educator besides just a guide (all the photos of Lofoten shown here are his).

Kah-Wai knows the area better than most after leading over 40 photo tours and counting in Lofoten. He knows the popular must-have locations but more importantly he knows a lot of the less popular - yet just as amazing - places to photograph to set you up with the best chances to get your dream shots.

I met Kah-Wai in 2021 at a photo conference we were both presenting at. Together we became impromptu guides for a sunset shoot during the conference when the original guide didn't show up.

We then started running into each other while we both were individually either scouting or leading photo workshops in locations like South Dakota and Southern Utah.

This will be our 2nd Lofoten workshop together, we are both excited to work to bring you the best possible photography adventure. Kah-Wai brings a completely unique experience to our group and while his main role is to put us in the right spot at the right time, he also loves sharing his photo knowledge and will be a great resource for all clients.


"You have the utmost patience and instead of just telling me to do something, or how to do something, you helped me to think about solutions. Many instructors/leaders have an ego and those individuals are difficult to learn from. You don’t. You are a top-notch instructor."

Jill E.

2019 Spring Grand Teton Photo Workshop Client with Matt Suess


Lofoten, Norway

Lofoten (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈlùːfuːtn]) is an archipelago and a traditional district in the county of Nordland, Norway.

Lofoten has distinctive scenery with dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea and sheltered bays, beaches and untouched lands.

There are two towns, Svolvær and Leknes – the latter is approximately 169 km (105 mi) north of the Arctic Circle and approximately 2,420 km (1,500 mi) away from the North Pole.

The archipelago experiences one of the world's largest elevated temperature anomalies relative to its high latitude.

- source Wikipedia


"Matt is the best instructor I've had for any creative activity, but especially photography. He is patient in explaining things, and really helps you focus on the areas that YOU want to develop rather than focusing on what he thinks you need improvement on.

He also is the only instructor I've had in creative endeavors that is so supportive of you owning your unique style - I've always been one to do things my way, and most instructors struggle with students who don't "do as you're told," but Matt teaches to help you learn rather than trying to get you to do things his way.

Matt also is great about making sure that each person gets heard and gets time for their questions to be answered, which requires facilitation of the discussions in such a way that people aren't talked over but also that people don't feel like they are being shut down...this is not an easy thing to do. Plus, he has a great sense of humor, which is always appreciated!

The Milky Way Workshop felt more about learning some techniques, setting up the shot, then waiting to see if it worked. This was more thinking on your feet and instantly applying things and adjusting (which was likely part of my challenge...my brain wasn't ready).

I would recommend both trips, and have so loved showing people the magic that was captured both times. And it's fun to be able to brag about the great teacher we had each time."

Emily L.

2018 June Tetons Milky Way and 2019 Spring Grand Teton Photo Workshop Student


Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is designed for any skill level, yet a DSLR/Mirrorless or equivalent camera with interchangeable lenses AND a sturdy tripod are required, as well as a basic working knowledge of your camera.

Most students who take my workshops are beginners to advanced amateurs and even pros. My workshops are filled with hands-on instruction & demonstrations. I encourage & help find and develop each students unique personal style of photography.

Physical Difficulty:

Must Be in Good Physical Condition

While this tour is not particularly strenuous, we will be walking over uneven terrain as well as snow, ice, and tidal ocean water. Most locations are just a few steps away from where we park.


We will be staying in cabins. Each cabin has 3 rooms, a common living room and common kitchen. Each room has 2 beds and a bathroom - very spacious and comfortable.



Sunrise will range from 9:40AM to 9:08AM, while sunset will range from 2:31PM to 3:06PM throughout the 8 days we are together.

Temps overnight on average can get down into the teens F and during the day can typically range from the 20s to 30s F. Snow is always a possibility.

A complete list of what to bring will be provided following registration.

"I think the way you handled the workshop was as near perfect as any student could ask for."

Harley M.

2019 Fall Grand Teton Photo Workshop Client with Matt Suess



These Bonuses are Unique to My Workshops.

You will not find another instructor providing so much extra value to move you forward with your photography!!

Bonus #1

  • 1.5hr LIVE Online Group Welcome Party: Approx. 1 to 2 months prior to the start of the workshop we will all meet online for a welcome party. I'll cover where we will be going, discuss safety, show you some photos of what to expect, discuss what to bring, and will go over some basic camera settings. Bring your questions and meet your fellow attendees in this informal social gathering. ($175 Value)

Bonus #2

  • 1.5hr LIVE Online Group Review and Q&A: Approx. 4-6 weeks following the workshop we will all meet online again. I know that a few weeks following a workshop, a bunch of questions come up from what was learned (and sometimes forgotten). Most other workshops, once you leave that final day, you are on your own. This isn't the case here! Use this as your opportunity to get all of those questions that come up following a workshop answered, get feedback on your photos, and connect with your fellow attendees once again. ($175 Value)

Bonus #3

  • How to Post Process Your Lofoten Images: An online course teaching you my secrets to post processing Lofoten photos. ($197 Value)

Bonus #4

  • What to Do With These Photos! You will get access to my mini course on organizing your photos, captioning, adding keywords, and storing your photos. ($37 Value)

Bonus #5

  • Special $175 Savings on Your Next Workshop: You will receive a Special Alumni Credit that can be applied to any future field workshop that starts within 2 years of this workshop's start date. ($175 Value)

Bonus #6

  • Special 15% off NiSi Filters: You will receive a Special Workshop Student Discount of 15% off your first order of NiSi Filters. ($155 Value on Average)

Bonus #7

  • Special Savings on Fotopro Tripods: You will receive a Special Workshop Student Discount towards your purchase of a Fotopro Tripod. ($135 Value on Average)

Bonus #8

  • Access to a Private Online Portal: You will receive access to a special private online community portal where you can get to know your fellow attendees, share photos from the workshop, get up-to-date workshop info, and watch the bonus videos. ($97 Value)

Each BONUS is specifically designed to help you with your photography journey beyond the short time we are all together in-person.

   Total Value In BONUSES:   $1,146


"I joined Kah-Wai’s Iceland Winter Workshop with my wife, Emily.

This is one of the best photo workshop we’ve ever had – extremely well organized, excellent transportation and guidance, useful hands-on and lecture instruction.

The workshop has allowed us to improve our landscape photographic skills in a stunning and challenging environment.

We would definitely repeat a tour with Kah-Wai."

Michael Choong & Emily Ng from Malaysia

Iceland Photo Workshop Client with Kah-Wai



Here is the general plan of our time together.

Use this as a guideline and note that this schedule will be kept flexible and will change depending on weather and aurora potential.

For a typical day/night, you can expect long hours and irregular sleep. But for all your effort and lack of sleep you can expect amazing photos!

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Plan on arriving in Evenes (EVE) on this day or the day earlier to avoid any possible flight delays or cancellations due to bad weather.

You are responsible for your own hotel fees this night (and the night before if you fly in on the 7th). The hotel to stay at will be emailed to you following registration.

Day 1: Arrival – Evenes
Friday, February 9, 2024

We meet up at Evenes (EVE), get settled in our spacious minivans and start our Arctic adventure.

While driving southwest towards the Lofoten islands, we will all get to know each other and discuss our itinerary and the exciting days ahead.

If weather and time permits it, we’ll shoot sunset and Aurora Borealis as soon as arriving at our basecamp.

Days 2 - 7
Saturday - Thursday, February 10 - 15, 2024

Each day and night will be planned based on current local weather and solar weather so that we can be at the right location at the right time, so an exact day to day itinerary is impossible to list right now. But you can use the info here as a general guide of what to expect.

Our vans will leave base camp bright and early to explore the historic villages and picturesque landscapes, chasing that unique Arctic light and exploring the stunning scenery.

Highlights will include locations such as Reine (possibly the prize jewel of Lofoten), Flakstad (Skagsanden), Fredvang, Nusfjord, Å, Ramberg, Selfjord and more.

The picturesque fishing villages surrounded by jagged granite mountains and colorful fjords will present endless photographic opportunities. We will be able to spend entire days exploring new angles and perspectives.

We will also explore Leknes which is real close to all the world renowned beaches. Locations could include Utakleiv, Haukland, Unstad, Vik, Ballstad, Vareid, Myrland and Valberg are all ideal for Auroral activity and unique Arctic light.

Of course, all of these locations will be dependent on Aurora potential, and again that is our main priority during our time together.

Day 8: Departure - Evenes
Friday, February 16, 2024

After the breakfast, we will transport you to Evenes Airport (EVE) in due time for your flight home, with the wonderful memories and images.



What is Included

  Two professional photography guides

  Transportation to and from airport in Evenes

  Ground transportation in spacious vans during workshop

  Accommodations for 7 nights (based on double occupancy with option to upgrade to single occupancy)

  ​Complete dedication from Matt Suess & Kah-Wai Lin to put us in the best position at the best time for the best photos by constantly monitoring earth & solar weather forecasts & adjusting our itinerary accordingly

  Bonuses of $1,146 in Value

What is Not Included

 International flights to/from Norway

  Lodging for night of February 8 in Evenes

  Food, snacks and beverages

  ​Items of a personal nature such as laundry services, clothing, phone charges, etc.

  Personal travel, medical, equipment or trip cancellation insurance

  Visas (if applicable)

What Airport and When to Arrive

Complete travel information will be provided following registration.

Note: it is highly suggested to arrive at least 1 day in advance on February 8 (hotel not included that night) to allow for any potential flight cancellations or delays due to weather.

Where to Stay

We are not based out of any particular hotel so you are free to stay where you want, provided it is in the very small town of Wall, SD.

More information will be provided following registration.

What to Bring

A complete list of What to Bring will be provided. This list will mention required and suggested items regarding camera equipment and clothing.

Keep in mind that this workshop takes place in early June when the weather can range from overnight lows on average around 46-56 F to daytime temps on average up to 83 F. Rain and stormy weather is always a possibility.


The tour is always dependent on weather, as the Arctic weather can indeed be highly unpredictable.

When it comes to the Northern Lights, while they are most likely to be seen between September and April, there is no guarantee that they will appear on a given day. We are visiting when it is a great time for the Aurora and it is our top priority on this workshop. We just can not guarantee that Mother Nature will cooperate and provide us with an amazing Aurora show.

There are always plenty to see and do if conditions do not favor any part of our original plan of Aurora photography and we will be maximizing our time together photographing the beauty of the area with and without the Aurora.


It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to purchase quality travel insurance.

Some companies allow for the purchase of Cancel for Any Reason Coverage that expands the list of reasons for your canceling to include things such as sudden work or family obligation and even a simple change of mind.

More information will be provided upon registration.

Traveling With a Spouse/Companion

There is a paid option upgrade for a single room. However, in order to join us in the 2 vans we will be traveling in, any spouses/companions would need to be fully registered for the workshop as there is no room in the vans for those not registered.

In addition, transportation from Evenes to our base location would need to be taken care of by the spouse/companion too.

Covid Information

NOTE: As of the time of this page going live in November, 2023 there are no Covid restrictions to Norway. What follows is information from the 2023 workshop:

With this workshop still one year away as of the time of this registration page opening up, it is impossible to say what the Covid requirements will be in Norway at the time of the workshop.

With that in mind, it is highly suggested that you are up to date on any Covid vaccinations & boosters in case that is a requirement. Some countries have denied entry without proof of vaccination or have required quarantines when entering and there is no way to tell what will be in place in 2024 right now.

As of early February 2022, Norway eliminated its quarantine requirement for travelers, but travelers do need to provide a negative Covid test no more than 24hrs prior to arriving in Norway and again at point of entry.

Only time will tell as to what restrictions may be in place when we arrive - as we get closer to the workshop we will have a better idea on entry requirements.

We will be following all requirements regarding Covid that Norway has in place during the workshop.

Register Here

2024 Lofoten Banner v2.jpg

2024 Lofoten Winter Aurora Photography Workshop


$1,250 due today, remaining $3,747 due by October 9, 2023

  • ​February 9 - 16, 2024
  • 1-on-1 & Group Coaching & Guiding from Matt Suess & Kah-Wai Lin
  • Limited to 12
  • ​​7 Nights Accommodations Double Occupancy
  • ​Transportation During Workshop
  • ​BONUSES Valued at $1,146
  • ​Past Clients can contact me about any possible alumni discount prior to registering.

A single occupancy room upgrade is available for an additional $997


Cancellation & Refund Policy for This Workshop

We know that plans can change, unforeseen circumstances can happen and no one wants to miss out on the trip of a lifetime. To provide the best customer support possible and to keep groups small and affordable, our cancellation policy ensures we can continue to provide clients the best possible foto experience.

For this workshop the following applies:

  • The initial $1,250 registration fee is non-refundable, but it is transferable to another workshop provided we are more than 120 days from the start of the workshop (a $275 administrative fee is applied to all transfers).
  • The remaining $3,747 balance is due 120 days from the start of the workshop, that date being October 9, 2023.
  • If you cancel within 120 days from the start of the workshop and you are able to find someone to fill your spot, you would be entitled to receive a refund (minus your initial registration fee and a $275 administrative fee). If you are unable to fill your spot, all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. It is highly suggested to purchase good trip insurance to cover you in such an instance.

If you wish to cancel or transfer to another workshop MORE than 120 Days from the Start

Your registration fee will be transferable to another workshop by Matt Suess with a $275 administrative fee.

If you wish to cancel or transfer to another workshop LESS than 120 Days from the Start

No refunds or transfers (assuming we cannot fill your spot)

You can view my full cancellation & refund policy along with other important information here



Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding This Lofoten Photo Workshop


 Is there a lot of walking/hiking during this workshop?

Most locations are just a few steps away from where we park. Expect some uneven ground with potentially snow & ice and standing in mud and very shallow water at low tide.

 I am a pure beginner (or advanced) photographer. Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is open to all photography levels from beginner to pro. I have had students who didn't know what an f-stop was and I have had those who are just about ready to or are already selling their own prints. Being a small class, I am able to work with each student individually no matter their experience level to help them improve and reach their individual goals.

 What is your experience photographing in Lofoten, Norway?

This will be my 2nd Lofoten workshop partnering with Kah-Wai Lin who has been leading tours there for a number of years.

In fact Kah-Wai has probably led over 40 workshops there, as he has stayed there from January - March each year since 2015 (except for 2021 & 2022). He not only knows the area extremely well, but is an excellent photographer too and knows how to put us in the perfect location at the right time.

 Will we work on our computers and learn how to process our photos?

Most likely no - this workshop is expected to be a shooting intensive workshop with little to no time for any group computer lessons. That is what my Bonus material is for where you can watch pre-recorded videos in the comfort of your home. You can even download the videos to watch again and again.

Besides, wouldn't you rather be out shooting instead of inside the hotel room on your computer?

An exception to this would be if the weather is bad enough that it prevents us from creating any meaningful shots. Should that happen we can spend some time on the computers.

 Can I bring my drone?

Sure - most locations are drone friendly.

 Can my spouse, relative, friend, pet, etc. attend any or all of the workshop?

There is a paid option upgrade for a single room. However, in order to join us in the 2 vans we will be traveling in, any spouses/companions would need to be fully registered for the workshop as there is no room in the vans for those not registered.

In addition, transportation from Evenes to our base location would need to be taken care of by the spouse/companion too.

Workshops are also not a location for pets and as such are not allowed with the exception of guide dogs.



Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding My Photo Workshops & Tours in General


 What sets your workshops apart from other workshops?

I absolutely love teaching! I have over 30 years of experience making my career with my cameras and teaching & sharing my experiences along the way. I am detail orientated and put the needs of my students first. I have extensive experience dealing with all types of situations and people and love answering all of my students' questions. I have a unique photo background with experience creating and selling my work in such diverse fields as photojournalism, sports, portrait, wedding, editorial, and commercial photography. My specialty since 2006 has been fine art landscape photography. I draw from all of those life experiences to provide you with whatever technical and artistic guidance you need. With my help, you will grow and expand your visual expression as well as your technical skills. In addition, I hope you have a great time in the process, immersing yourself in the total experience and sharing in my passion for photography.

 Why should I attend one of your workshops?

I will teach you how to create inspiring and amazing fine art quality photographs. You will learn how to see more creatively and how to translate that vision into a final image that has emotional impact. I make it easy to learn techniques and concepts that you will take with you every time you walk out the door with your camera. I have extensive experience shooting and selling my fine art photography as well as teaching the concepts of photography. I am a hands-on learner myself and teach using a hands-on approach that will give you the best opportunity to retain information and further your photography skills long after the workshop has concluded. Lastly I love teaching small groups. Most of my workshops feature small sizes with up to 10 students on average. This allows for extremely low teacher to student ratios and provides valuable one-on-one opportunities to work with me during the workshop.

 Can my spouse, relative, friend, pet, etc. attend any or all of the workshop?

Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, I have a no tag-along policy. Spouses, family members, friends, etc. who are traveling with you and who haven’t registered are unable to partake in any group functions. Workshops are also not a location for pets and as such are not allowed with the exception of guide dogs. If a spouse or friend wants to attend they will need to register as a regular client.

 Do you photograph during field workshops?

Yes I do on occasion and only when the light is amazing or when I need to photograph certain subjects for later classroom use. When I do photograph along with my students, the goal is to inspire them to learn to see an image the way I do. It can be extremely valuable watching me work a scene. Rest assured however that I am far more concerned that my students get the shot and ALWAYS put their needs first.

 What level of photography experience do I have to have in order to attend one of your workshops?

It depends upon the workshop, so please check with the specific workshop you are interested. I especially love teaching beginner and intermediate photographers.

 Do you provide travel insurance for your workshop participants?

I do NOT provide travel insurance as part of my workshop fees, but definitely recommend it. I highly recommend trip insurance that also includes travel health insurance. Travelex Insurance Services is a BBB Accredited business with an A+ rating (although note I have no personal experience with this company). The cost for travel insurance is typically 4-7% of the total trip cost, depending upon age and other variable factors.

 What’s included in my tuition? Rooms, transportation, meals?

Tuition includes all lectures, fieldwork, guiding, classroom instruction and critiques of your digital files during our classroom sessions. Travel costs, lodging, entrance fees, and meals are not included in the cost of admission unless otherwise specified.

 What should I bring with me to one of your workshops?

You will receive a workshop welcome kit before the start that will contain detailed information regarding the proper gear to bring with you.

 What happens in bad weather?

I love weather of all sorts! Great photos can be found under some seemingly dreary skies. Many times we will be out in stormy weather, provided it’s not putting you or your equipment at risk. Great pictures can happen during fog, snow, rain and mist. If conditions are too extreme, we will find a location to wait out the weather. During this time, we can work on our images on our laptops while I assist you and give demonstrations.

 Do you provide transportation?

I do not supply transportation for my workshops unless otherwise specified. I encourage participants to carpool once the program has begun, to minimize our impact on the environment and to facilitate parking. Please come expecting to share your car with others or to jump in and share someone else’s.

 What is your cancellation policy?

You can read my cancellation policy as well as any other terms & policies here.

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In 2006 I decided to leave all of that behind and move West, where I am now a fine art landscape & nature photographer, educator, and publisher. In addition, I also accept select luxury resort & architectural photography assignments.

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Meet Kah-Wai Lin, MD, PhD

Dr. Kah-Wai Lin was born in Malaysia, but he has lived in other parts of the world for most of his life. He holds a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree from Lviv National Medical University, Ukraine and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in medical science from Karolinska Institute, Sweden. Since 2012, Dr. Lin has made his home in New Jersey, USA. Following a successful research career at Princeton University, Dr. Lin followed his passion and became a professional landscape photographer.

To date, Dr. Lin has explored and photographed some of the most diverse and remote places in over 30 countries, and he has been leading hundreds of photo tours and workshops throughout the world. He has been presenting over 250 seminars around the world, i.e. USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, on behalf of Phase One, Fujifilm, Sony, NiSi, Fotopro and Skylum. On social media, Dr. Lin has over 300,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Besides, Dr. Lin received over 200 awards at international contests and exhibitions including multiple gold medals. Most notably, Dr. Lin was awarded the 1st place at the International Photography Award 2015. He was named top 10 exhibitors in the world by Photographic Society of America in 2015 and 2016. In 2016, Dr. Lin was honored by the appointment as Artist-in-Residence of US National Park.

Dr. Lin is the Goodwill Ambassador, and the former vice president of Photographic Society of America (PSA), one of the biggest and oldest international photographic organizations in the world. Dr. Lin is the founder and former president of PSA Metropolitan Chapter (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania); the founder and former president of Photographic Society of New Jersey; the representative and honorary advisor of many photographic societies around the world. Dr. Lin also operates a camera & telescope store, Stetinden Photo, in New Jersey.

Dr. Lin is the director of Global Elite Photographers; official photographer of Phase One Camera; ambassador and education advisor of NiSi Filters; ambassador and global marketing advisor of Fotopro Tripod; ambassador of f-stop; ambassador and global marketing advisor of FeiyuTech; pro team of Spiffy Gear; pro team of Red River Paper; ambassador and international liaison officer of Studio of Masters; and panda ambassador of World Wildlife Fund (WWF). He is also sponsored by BenQ and The Heat Company.

In recognition of his photographic excellence and invaluable contribution to the photographic community, Dr. Lin received over 80 honor and distinction titles by photographic organizations worldwide, as well as the Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from US Member of Congress.


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