2025 Mongolia Eagle Hunters & Gobi Desert Photo Workshop

With Matt Suess and Dr. Kah-Wai Lin
August 15 - 25, 2025


Come join us for an epic ƒoto workshop eXperience living with & photographing the Mongolia Eagle Hunters & the Gobi Desert in 2025

2025 Mongolia Eagle Hunters & Gobi Desert Photo Workshop

Mongolia | August 15 - 25, 2025

The Basics:


11 Days, 10 Nights:
August 15 - 25, 2025



Group Details

Maximum 12 clients. Photography skill level from beginner to professional.

Physical Activity

Easy, no long hiking. Walking in the sand dunes, and short walking uphill to capture panorama view with eagle hunters. Some long driving (100-200km).

Tuition Fees

Pay $1,000 today to secure your space, and the remaining $5,997 is due by April 14, 2025. Lodging, food & transportation during workshop is included.

Your Instructors & Guides

Matt Suess: Instructor & Guide

Kah-Wai Lin: Photo Instructor & Guide

"I really cannot wait for this... figuring out how to make this particular trip happen has been on my mind since I first decided I wanted to get into landscape photography.

And I know after working with you this year, I will truly be ready for it!"

Winnie A.

2022 Photo Mentorship Client with Matt Suess and 2023 Lofoten Aurora Workshop Client

Hi - I'm Matt Suess with Kah-Wai Lin!

Together we want to invite you to join us in Mongolia in August of 2025 to photograph the Eagle Hunters and the Gobi Desert!

We have put together an amazing ƒoto eXperience you are not going to want to miss. We will have our own private Eagle Festival and have the chance to ride camels in the Gobi Desert.

We will be staying in traditional Mongolian Gers while out in the wilderness to excellent hotels while in the main cities.

And you will have the opportunity to take amazing photographs that you can not get anywhere else!

Spots are limited on this incredible ƒoto eXperience - register today and reserve yours before it sells out!

The Photo Trip of a Lifetime
Awaits You!

Imagine yourself in the midst of Mongolia's vast wilderness.

The steppe grass sweeps away from your feet to the distant foothills and epic blue mountains.

You raise your camera to focus...

A few days ago you were in the Gobi Desert, photographing the stunning sight of camels walking across the endless sand dunes.

But today, you are focusing on a horse rider galloping toward you with one of the world’s largest birds of prey on his arm - a scene that has played out for over four thousand years.

You are witnessing the incredible beauty of the Eagle Hunters of Mongolia.

This is not a dream...

This is your reality when you join us for the most Epic Photo Workshop you'll ever experience!


Mongolia is a breathtaking destination for adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike.

With its vast, untouched landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and welcoming nomadic communities, Mongolia offers a truly authentic and immersive travel experience.

From exploring the rugged beauty of the Gobi Desert, to witnessing the iconic Mongolian nomadic way of life while staying in traditional ger (yurt) camps, to experiencing the thrill of the Naadam Festival and its traditional sports, Mongolia has something to inspire every photographer.

The warm hospitality of the Mongolian people, the opportunity to learn about their unique culture and customs, and the chance to reconnect with nature in its purest form make Mongolia a destination that is truly unforgettable and worth exploring.

Join us on 11 days 10 nights photography workshop to the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan for the unique cultural experience and learn about cultural, portrait, and landscape photography with some of the best photographers on earth!

Are You Ready for the

Ultimate World Travel Photography Destination?

This is the workshop for those with a deep passion for adventure. It doesn't matter whether you're a professional photographer or an enthusiastic hobbyist - this experience is for anyone who wants to take their photography skills to the next level while exploring some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

The Eagle Hunters of Mongolia are part of an exceptional legacy of people who have mastered the art of training and hunting with eagles.

They live a rugged lifestyle, deeply connected to their natural environment, and they have a unique bond with their birds of prey that will leave you in awe. You'll have the opportunity to capture the majesty of these magnificent creatures in flight, and learn about the fascinating cultural traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

…That's just one ƒacet of the eXperience!

The Gobi Desert is one of the most incredible landscapes on the planet, with its vast expanses of sand dunes, towering rock formations, and sweeping vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see. You'll be guided by experienced locals who know the desert like the back of their hands, and who will take you to the most stunning locations for the perfect shot. While at the dunes we’ll have the opportunity to photograph bactrian camels, which are native to the dunes and have been an essential part of nomadic life for centuries.

Don't wait any longer - join us for the ultimate photo workshop in Mongolia today and take your photography skills to the next level while experiencing the adventure of a lifetime.

And, as if that wasn’t enough…

Oli Haukur poses for a photo wearing traditional gear while holding a live eagle.

You can do this too!!

In addition to our time in the wilderness, we’ll be taking in some of the culture in Mongolia’s capitol city, including sampling the local fare and photographing traditional heritage games!

You will even have the optional opportunity to literally touch life as it was a thousand years ago on the silk road!

  • Ride camels across the Khongor sand dunes and ride Mongolian horses (descended from some of the first horses domesticated on earth)
  • Dress like an eagle hunter and hold a golden eagle on your arm
  • Try your hand at traditional archery or step into the Mongolian wrestling ring
  • In the evenings be entertained by traditional Kazakh music & dancing

Ultimately, this is a workshop that is about more than just taking photos.

It's an opportunity to be immersed in a new culture and a way of life that will inspire you long after you've left.

You'll have the opportunity to stay with local families, learning about their traditions, sharing meals, and experiencing firsthand the warmth and hospitality of the Mongolian people.

And when the day is done, you'll retreat to comfortable - but rustic - accommodations that will allow you to recharge and reflect on the incredible experiences of the day.

From traditional Mongolian Gers while out in the wilderness to excellent hotels while in the main cities, you'll be able to relax and rest in comfort and style.

This is not just a photo workshop, it's an epic adventure

that will take you far beyond your comfort zone and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you're an experienced traveler or just beginning your journey, this is an experience you simply can't miss.

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"Matt is the best instructor I've had for any creative activity, but especially photography. He is patient in explaining things, and really helps you focus on the areas that YOU want to develop rather than focusing on what he thinks you need improvement on.

He also is the only instructor I've had in creative endeavors that is so supportive of you owning your unique style - I've always been one to do things my way, and most instructors struggle with students who don't "do as you're told," but Matt teaches to help you learn rather than trying to get you to do things his way.

Matt also is great about making sure that each person gets heard and gets time for their questions to be answered, which requires facilitation of the discussions in such a way that people aren't talked over but also that people don't feel like they are being shut down...this is not an easy thing to do. Plus, he has a great sense of humor, which is always appreciated!

The Milky Way Workshop felt more about learning some techniques, setting up the shot, then waiting to see if it worked. This was more thinking on your feet and instantly applying things and adjusting (which was likely part of my challenge...my brain wasn't ready).

I would recommend both trips, and have so loved showing people the magic that was captured both times. And it's fun to be able to brag about the great teacher we had each time."

Emily L.

2018 June Tetons Milky Way and 2019 Spring Grand Teton Photo Workshop Client


Here is the general plan of our time together.

Use this as a guideline and note that this schedule will be kept flexible and will change depending on weather and other circumstances.

For a typical day/night, you can expect long hours and irregular sleep. But for all of your effort and lack of sleep you can expect some amazing photos!

Day 1: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

Upon arrival in Chinggis Khaan International Airport, Ulaanbaatar (UBN), we will transfer you to the hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

Because of the limited flights into Mongolia, you may arrive one or two days earlier, and will then have time to explore the beautiful city of Ulaanbaatar. We will meet at 7PM on the first day in the hotel lobby and have our welcome dinner in the local restaurant. Over dinner we will discuss our exciting journey ahead!

We will overnight in hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

NOTE: There is the chance you will need to arrive by August 14, 2025 as it depends on the domestic flight schedule at the time and we may need to catch a plane first thing on August 15 to go to the Gobi Desert like had to do in 2024. This means an extra day of photography on August 15. We will know for sure approx. 5 months before start of workshop.

Day 2 – 4: Khongor Sand Dunes in the Gobi Desert

After breakfast in the hotel, we will go to the airport and take a domestic flight from Ulaanbaatar to Dalanzadgad. The flight time is 1.5 hours. In the case that no flights are available, we will travel by cars from Ulaanbaatar to Dalanzadgad at no additional cost. Depend on the arrival time, we will either be staying in a hotel in Dalanzadgad or driving straight to the Khongor Sand Dunes.

Our main stage for the next two days is the Khongor Sand Dunes. This is one of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia, with an area of over 900 square kilometers and some dunes reaching heights of 100 - 300 meters (300 - 1000 ft)! The inhabitants here call the Khongor Sand Dunes the “Singing Dunes” due to the “roaring” or “blooming” noise when the sand grains move over one another in the wind.

While in the desert we will be have 5 bactrian camels and 2 local Mongolians in traditional costume posing on the sand dunes for photography!

Bactrian camels are double-hump camels native to the Gobi Desert. They are among the most adaptable creatures on Earth, as they can cope with drought, high altitudes, and extreme temperature between 40°C (104°F) in the summer and -30°C (-22°F) in the winter. Domesticated Bactrian camels are a separate species from wild Bactrian camel and they have served as pack animals in Central Asia since ancient times and were a form of transportation on the Silk Road.

We will be photographing the amazing scene of long shadow cast across the sand dunes by the low sunlight, with camels walking across the sand dunes exactly like they did in the silk road era!

Overnight in hotel in Dalanzadgad on Day 2, and Tourist Ger Camp in Day 3 and Day 4. The Ger Camp amenities include comfortable beds, clean public showers and toilets, and limited hours of electricity.

Day 5: Dalanzadgad – Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast we will be driving back to Dalanzadgad and catch the flight back to Ulaanbaatar. Upon return to Ulaanbaatar, we will check in to the hotel. In the evening, we will meet up for dinner in the local restaurant.

Overnight in hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

Day 6: Private Naadam Festival

After breakfast, we'll visit the renowned Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex, an iconic tourist spot that pays homage to the legendary founder of the Mongol Empire. Next, we'll head to a private Naadam Festival at a training camp, where we'll experience a demonstration of rich cultural traditions like Mongolian throat singing, wrestling matches, and amazing archery displays.

Descended from some of the greatest warriors in history, the Mongols have a heritage that's steeped in prowess and skill. From the time they were old enough to sit on a horse and hold a bow the ancient Mongolian warriors began hunting and learn the art of Bökh, a formidable fighting style that's now known as Mongolian wrestling. They were also exceptional horsemen, with both riders and horses boasting unmatched endurance and able to cover an astonishing 80-120 kilometers a day! Their mastery with the bow and arrow was legendary, and they could famously shoot targets behind them while galloping on horseback. It's a heritage they're incredibly proud of, and although the Mongols are some of the friendliest people you'll meet today, their skills with horses, bows, and wrestling are still some of the best in the world.

At the training camp, we'll have the incredible opportunity to meet these modern-day warriors. And for the adventurous ones among us, who knows? Maybe you'll even dare to step into the ring with one of these formidable wrestlers!

Overnight in hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

Day 7 – 9: Golden Eagle Hunters

After breakfast, we will take a 2-hour domestic flight from Ulaanbaatar to Olgii - the gateway to the stunning landscapes of Western Mongolia. Our drivers will take us toward Tsambagaraw Mountain in the Altantsugts Soum region, our base for the next few days. Prepare to be warmly welcomed by a Kazakh family and indulge in delicious traditional meals at one of their Ger camps.

Eagle hunting is a time-honored tradition, with roots dating back over four thousand years and believed to have been practiced by none other than Chinggis (Genghis) Khan himself. The Kazakhs have inherited this ancient sport from their Turkic and Mongol ancestors, perfecting it since the 15th century. Hunting with golden eagles is not for meat, but primarily for fur. The prey includes red and Corsac foxes, hares, wild cats, and wolves. Female eagles are typically captured from their nests when they are just a few months old and then painstakingly trained by their owners. A deep bond is formed along the way, and the eagle will stay with her owner for 4 - 10 years before being re-released into the wild when she is breeding age. She’ll be released as far away as possible in order to discourage her from returning, and the owner will continue to monitor her to ensure she is feeding and reintegrating.

In 2011, UNESCO recognized Kazakh eagle hunting as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, a testament to its living human heritage. As one eagle hunter aptly put it, "When Kazakhs came into the world, they were eagle hunters."

For the next few days we will have our own private golden eagle festival, featuring 10 to 15 skilled eagle hunters. Unlike the crowded public festival, our private event offers unparalleled access to capture breathtaking images of the Kazakh eagle hunters showcasing their awe-inspiring falconry skills on horseback against the backdrop of majestic landscapes. From mountain ridges to grasslands, rocky terrain to reflections under the Altai Mountain range, and horses galloping across rivers, be prepared for heart-pounding moments and unparalleled excitement!

When the midday sun is harsh outside, we'll capture stunning portraits of the Kazakh people in their traditional costumes inside their Ger (Yurt) tents, with soft ambient light filtering through the door. The results will leave you in awe! And for the brave-hearted, you'll have a rare opportunity to get up close with the majestic golden eagles and let them perch on your arm!

As we immerse ourselves in the Kazakh culture, we'll enjoy traditional cuisines with our hospitable hosts after our long days of photography. The Kazakhs will also regale us with their epic instrumental music, captivating dances, and soulful vocal singing!

Overnights in Kazakh’s Ger Camp. The amenities include beds, toilet tent with seat toilet, heater, and limited hours of electricity.

Day 10: Olgii – Ulaanbaatar

After the sunrise session and breakfast, we will be driving to the Olgii airport to catch the flight back to Ulaanbaatar. Upon return to Ulaanbaatar, we will check in to the hotel in city center. In the evening, we will meet up for dinner in the local restaurant.

Overnight in hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

Day 11: Departure

You will be transferred to the Ulaanbaatar Airport by our drivers, and will be leaving Mongolia with plenty of memories and great images!


Harley M.

"I think the way you handled the workshop was as near perfect as any student could ask for."

2019 Fall Grand Teton Photo Workshop Client

Winnie A.

"I really cannot wait for this... figuring out how to make this particular trip happen has been on my mind since I first decided I wanted to get into landscape photography. And I know after working with you this year, I will truly be ready for it!"

2022 Photo Mentorship Client & 2023 Lofoten Aurora Workshop Client

Jill E.

"You have the utmost patience and instead of just telling me to do something, or how to do something, you helped me to think about solutions. Many instructors/leaders have an ego and those individuals are difficult to learn from. You don’t. You are a top-notch instructor."

2019 Spring Grand Teton Photo Workshop Client


These Bonuses are Unique to My Workshops.

You will not find another instructor providing so much extra value to help move you forward with your photography!!


1hr LIVE Online Group Welcome Zoom Call: Approx. 2 months prior to the start of the workshop we will all meet online for a Welcome Zoom Call. I'll cover where we will be going, discuss safety, show you some photos of what to expect, discuss what to bring, and will go over some basic camera settings. Bring your questions and meet your fellow attendees in this informal social gathering. ($175 Value)


1.5hr LIVE Online Group Review and Q&A: Approx. 4-8 weeks following the workshop we will all meet online again. I know that a few weeks following a workshop, a bunch of questions come up from what was learned (and sometimes forgotten). Use this as your opportunity to get all of those questions that come up following a workshop answered, get feedback on your photos, and connect with your fellow attendees once again. ($175 Value)


What to Do With These Photos! You will get access to my mini course on organizing your photos, captioning, adding keywords, and storing your photos. ($37 Value)


How to Post Process Your Mongolia Images: An online mini course teaching you my secrets to post processing our Mongolia photos. ($197 Value)


Access to a Private Online Portal: You will receive access to a special private online workshop portal where you can share photos from the workshop, get up-to-date workshop info, and watch the bonus videos. ($97 Value)


Special $175 Savings on Your Next Workshop: You will receive a Special Alumni Credit that can be applied to any future field workshop that starts within 2 years of this workshop's start date. ($175 Value)


Special 15% off NiSi Filters: You will receive a Special Workshop Client Only Discount of 15% off your first order of NiSi Filters. ($155 Value on Average)


Special Savings on Fotopro Tripods: You will receive a Special Workshop Client Only Discount towards your purchase of a Fotopro Tripod. ($135 Value on Average)

Each BONUS is specifically designed to help you with your photography journey beyond the short time we are all together in-person.

🏆 Total Value In BONUSES: $1,146

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is designed for any skill level, yet a DSLR/Mirrorless or equivalent camera with interchangeable lenses AND a sturdy tripod are required, as well as a basic working knowledge of your camera.

Most clients who take my workshops are beginners to advanced amateurs and even pros. My workshops are filled with hands-on instruction & demonstrations. I encourage & help find and develop each clients' unique personal style of photography.


While in Ulaanbaatar: Double-occupancy rooms

At Ger Camp in the Gobi: Comfortable shared rooms with clean public shared bathroom/shower facilities.

At the Eagle Hunter Ger Camp: Comfortable shared room with separate rustic toilet facilities

A single-occupancy upgrade of US $875 if available.

Physical Difficulty:

Must Be in Good Physical Condition

No long hiking. Walks in the sand dunes, and short walks uphill to capture panoramic views with eagle hunters. Some long drives (100-200km).


Ulaanbaatar: generally mild, ranging from 15° - 25° C (59 - 77 F) in the day and 5° - 15° C (41° - 59° F) at night. Occasional rainfall possible.

Gobi Desert: hot and dry, ranging from 30° - 40° C (86° - 104° F) in the day and 10° - 20° C (50° - 68° F) at night.

Altantsugts Soum (Eagle Camp): ranging from 10° - 20° C (50° - 68° F) in the day and 5° - 10° C (41° - 50° F) at night. Occasional rainfall possible.

Please note that weather conditions can vary greatly and change quickly, especially in extreme desert and mountain locations.


What Is Included

  • Two professional photography guides: Matt Suess & Kah-Wai Lin
  • All domestic flights during workshop
  • Ground transportation in Toyota Land Cruisers or similar, 3 clients per car (everyone gets a window seat)
  • Hotels or Ger Camps (depending on location)
  • All meals, water, coffee, tea
  • All park entry fees
  • Private golden eagle festival, eagle hunting activity – all stages and model fees
  • Private camel festival – all stages and model fees
  • Private Naadam festival
  • Power generators for remote places with no electricity
  • ​Complete dedication from Matt Suess & Kah-Wai Lin to put us in the best position at the best time for the best photos by constantly monitoring weather forecasts & adjusting our itinerary accordingly
  • Bonuses of $1,146 in Value

What Is Not Included

  • International flight to/from Mongolia, flying to Ulaanbaatar
  • Extra baggage charge for domestic in-tour flights (baggage limit is 15kg total carry-on and check-in luggage, around US $2 to US $5 per extra kg to be paid during check-in)
  • Lodging before the start or after the end of workshop
  • Single supplement in hotels and Ger Camps
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal travel, medical, equipment or trip cancellation insurance
  • Gratitude for guides, drivers, and models
  • Visa (we will prepare documents for your visa application)

What Airport and When to Arrive

You will be flying to Ulaanbaatar - the capitol of Mongolia.

Where to Stay

More information regarding flights and when to arrive/depart will be provided following registration.

What to Bring

After you sign up, we’ll send you the information about international flights, recommended camera gear, packing list and other important information. Please pay special attention to things that we say are absolutely required.


It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to purchase quality travel insurance.

Some companies allow for the purchase of Cancel for Any Reason Coverage that expands the list of reasons for your canceling to include things such as sudden work or family obligation and even a simple change of mind.

More information will be provided upon registration.

Traveling With a Spouse/Companion

Spouses & companions are certainly welcome on this trip - even non-photographer spouses/companions. However everyone traveling with you needs to be fully registered on this workshop to travel and stay with us.

Register Here!

Why Register With Us?

When it comes to choosing a photography workshop to Mongolia, we know you have plenty of options. Some may be cheaper, and a few others may be much more expensive, but price shouldn't be the only factor to consider.

What sets us apart is our combined 40+ years of professional photography experience and our passion for teaching. We've led workshops all around the world, have taught thousands of photographers just like you, and always put our clients first.

When you join our workshop, you can trust that we'll be there with you every step of the way, helping you capture the best shots possible. And Matt in particular can help those interested in shooting some video!

But that's not all. We're also proud to offer over $1,000 in bonuses, including post-processing videos and exclusive gear discounts to help you take your photography to the next level. No other workshop has the Bonuses we offer to help you with your photography!

We understand that you may have questions, and we're always here to help. With
just a click of a button, you can easily reach out to us with any inquiries you may have.

So why not join our group of amazing photographers in Mongolia? Register below today, and let us help you take your photography to new heights.

2025 Mongolia Eagle Hunters & Gobi Desert Photo Workshop


$1,000 due today, remaining $5,997 due by April 14, 2025

  • August 15 - 25, 2025
  • 1-on-1 & Group Coaching and Guiding from Matt Suess & Kah-Wai Lin
  • Limited to 12
  • 10 Nights Accommodations in Hotels or Ger Camps (depending on location)
  • ​All meals, water, coffee, tea
  • ​Private golden eagle festival, private camel festival, private Naadam festival
  • ​Transportation Including Car & Airplane During the Workshop
  • ​BONUSES Valued at $1,146
  • Past Clients: any alumni discount will be applied to final balance

A single occupancy room upgrade is available for an additional $875 and is payable with final balance payment.


Cancellation & Refund Policy for This Workshop

We know that plans can change, unforeseen circumstances can happen and no one wants to miss out on the trip of a lifetime. To provide the best customer support possible and to keep groups small and affordable, our cancellation policy ensures we can continue to provide clients the best possible foto experience.

For this workshop the following applies:

  • The initial $1,000 registration fee is non-refundable, but it is transferable to another workshop provided we are more than 120 days from the start of the workshop (a $275 administrative fee is applied to all transfers).
  • The remaining $5,997 balance is due 120 days from the start of the workshop, that date being April 14, 2025.
  • If you cancel within 120 days from the start of the workshop and you are able to find someone to fill your spot, you would be entitled to receive a refund (minus your initial registration fee and a $275 administrative fee). If you are unable to fill your spot, all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. It is highly suggested to purchase good trip insurance to cover you in such an instance.

If you wish to cancel or transfer to another workshop MORE than 120 Days from the Start:

your registration fee will be transferable to another workshop by Matt Suess with a $275 administrative fee.

If you wish to cancel or transfer to another workshop LESS than 120 Days from the Start:

no refunds or transfers (assuming you cannot fill your spot)

You can view my full cancellation & refund policy along with other important information here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding My Photo Workshops & Tours in General

  • What sets your workshops apart from other workshops?

I absolutely love teaching & guiding! I have over 30 years of professional photography experience and am detail orientated and put the needs of my clients first and answering all of their questions.

I have a unique photo background with experience creating and selling my work in such diverse fields as photojournalism, sports, portrait, wedding, editorial, and commercial photography.

My specialty since 2006 has been fine art landscape, wildlife, night sky & Milky Way, and travel photography. I draw from all of my life experiences to provide you with whatever technical and artistic guidance you need.

With my help, you will grow and expand your visual expression as well as your technical skills. In addition, you will have a great time in the process!

  • Why should I attend one of your workshops?

I will show you how to create inspiring and amazing fine art quality photographs. You will learn how to see more creatively and how to translate that vision into a final image that has emotional impact.

I make it easy to learn techniques and concepts that you will take with you every time you walk out the door with your camera. I have extensive experience shooting and selling my fine art photography as well as teaching the concepts of photography.

I am a hands-on learner myself and teach using a hands-on approach that will give you the best opportunity to retain information and further your photography skills long after the workshop has concluded.

Lastly I love teaching small groups. Most of my workshops feature small sizes with 6 to 12 clients on average. This allows for extremely low teacher to client ratios and provides valuable one-on-one opportunities to work with me and my guides during the workshop.

  • Can my spouse, relative, friend, pet, etc. attend any or all of the workshop?

Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, I have a no tag-along policy. Spouses, family members, friends, etc. who are traveling with you and who haven’t registered are unable to partake in any group functions. Workshops are also not a location for pets and thus are not allowed with the exception of guide dogs. If a spouse or friend wants to attend they will need to register as a regular client.

  • Do you photograph during field workshops?

Yes I do on occasion and only when the light is amazing or when I need to photograph certain subjects for later classroom use and field discussion of composition and exposure.

When I do photograph along with my clients, the goal is to inspire them to learn to see creative compositions. It can be extremely valuable watching me work a scene.

Rest assured however that I am far more concerned that my cliens get the shot and I ALWAYS put their needs first.

  • What level of photography experience do I have to have in order to attend one of your workshops?

It depends upon the workshop, so please check with the specific workshop you are interested in. Most workshops are geared towards beginner to professional abilities.

  • Do you provide travel insurance for your workshop participants?

I do NOT provide travel insurance as part of my workshop fees, but I definitely recommend clients get it. I highly recommend trip insurance that also includes travel health insurance. I personally use Allianz Travel. The cost for travel insurance is typically 4-7% of the total trip cost, depending upon age and other variable factors.

  • What’s included in my tuition? Rooms, transportation, meals?

Tuition includes all lectures, fieldwork, guiding, any classroom instruction and critiques of your digital files during any classroom sessions.

Travel & transportation costs, lodging, entrance fees, and meals are not included in the cost of admission unless otherwise specified.

  • What should I bring with me to one of your workshops?

You will receive a workshop welcome kit before the start that will contain detailed information regarding the proper gear to bring with you.

  • What happens in bad weather?

Do not dismiss bad weather, as great photos can be found under some seemingly dreary skies. Many times we will be out in stormy weather, provided it’s not putting you or your equipment at risk.

Great pictures can happen during fog, snow, rain and mist.

If conditions are too extreme, we will find a location to wait out the weather. During this time, we can work on our images on our laptops while I assist you and give demonstrations.

  • Do you provide transportation?

I do not supply transportation for my workshops unless otherwise specified. I encourage participants to carpool once the workshop has begun, to minimize our impact on the environment and to facilitate parking. Please come expecting to share your car with others or to jump in and share someone else’s.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

Each workshop has it's own cancellation policy you can review on each workshop's registration page.

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Photography has always been a huge part of my life starting at the age of 12 when I had my own black & white chemical darkroom. That early interest launched a full-time professional photography career that began in 1990 and continues today.

For the first 17 years of my career I was a photojournalist based in New England. I am a digital photography pioneer and began teaching digital photography to photojournalists in the late 90’s, helping bring digital cameras to two different newspapers. I was awarded the 2003 New England Press Associations Photographer of the Year award for my work at the Cape Cod Times. During my time as a photojournalist, I also photographed weddings & portraits, as well as corporate & commercial assignments.

In 2006 I decided to leave all of that behind and move West, where I am now a fine art landscape, nature, wildlife, travel, and Milky Way photographer, educator, and publisher. I also accept select luxury resort & architectural photography assignments.

I teach numerous field & classroom workshops throughout the year as well as online courses and I provide occasional free online webinars. You may have already seen my videos/webinars for OM SYSTEM / Olympus, Hunts Photo & Video, B&H Photo, Skylum and ON1. My passion for sharing and teaching what I have learned during my long career is evident in my down-to-earth and encouraging approach with my clients.

I am honored to be sponsored by Olympus / OM SYSTEM as an OM SYSTEM Ambassador but I teach photography to anyone using any camera brand.

I live in Bozeman, Montana with my blue heeler cattle dog. You can find me online on Instagram and YouTube at @mattsuessphoto


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Off the Beaten Path with Photographer Matt Suess

Join OM SYSTEM Ambassador Matt Suess as he embarks on a photography journey to Stanley, Idaho to capture the incredible Sawtooth Mountains. While getting off the beaten path in one of the most photogenic locations in the United States, Suess describes how he uses the powerful features of his OM-5 camera to capture Idaho's incredible sunrises, sunsets, and nightscapes.

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